The Malaysia Job Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Antique Padlock Treasure #3 At the mission start, swim to the immediate right. Treasure is beneath a tree trunk in the water.
Chiriqui Shark Trinket Treasure #4 After picking up the Antique Padlock, swim upward and forward until you see a cave. Dive down and pick up the Chriqui Shark Trinket
Antique Pocketwatch Treasure #5 Immediately as you swim out of the container, head to the right and look for the tree stump. It's just to the left and behind it on a rock near some seaweed.
Antique Arcade Token Treasure #6 On the boat, in the middle section, on a shelf.
Conversation 1 Conversation #1 On the boat, near the container, speak to the worker.
Conversation 2 Conversation #2 Man in the middle of the boat.

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