The Malaysia Job

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Collectibles 6

The Malaysia Job is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 3 in the campaign.

The Malaysia Job Video Walkthrough



The Malaysia Job Text Walkthrough

This chapter flashes forward to Drake's time working marine salvage. From the beginning of the dive, swimp past the rocks on the left and head right to find a treasure. Continue down the rocky ravine. To the left will be tunnel openings where you can find another treasure. Go right to a grassy area with a small section without grass. Dive down and examine it.

Follow the wreckage to the tariler. Right before it you can find another treasure on a ledge to the right, if you follow the wall downstream. Return to the trailer examine the undercarriage and the top. Examine the doors and open them to discover that 2 crates are missing. Swim inside the trailer and examine the hole to locate one of the crates. It can't be lifted despite your attempts. Exit the trailer and head right to follow the path where you will find the other crate against the wall. Lift it and return it to the trailer.

Approach the salvage arm and grab a hook. Swim to the trailer axle with the icon. Swim around the axle until you are prompted to attach the hook. Swimg back up and do this again with the other hook and axle. Swim away and it will be lifted. Once up, go get the last crate that was pinned. Put it inside the trailer and strap it in. Swim out and to the cables where you will be prompted to ride it up. Press triangle once there to trigger a cutscene.

Up on the boat you can engage some of the workers in conversations that will count towards your Collectibles as well as find a treasure in the center platform, on its bottom shelf. Speak to Jameson and take the crowbar to trigger another cutscene.




The Malaysia Job Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Antique Padlock Treasure #3 At the mission start, swim to the immediate right. Treasure is beneath a tree trunk in the water.
Chiriqui Shark Trinket Treasure #4 After picking up the Antique Padlock, swim upward and forward until you see a cave. Dive down and pick up the Chriqui Shark Trinket
Antique Pocketwatch Treasure #5 Immediately as you swim out of the container, head to the right and look for the tree stump. It's just to the left and behind it on a rock near some seaweed.
Antique Arcade Token Treasure #6 On the boat, in the middle section, on a shelf.
Conversation 1 Conversation #1 On the boat, near the container, speak to the worker.
Conversation 2 Conversation #2 Man in the middle of the boat.



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