The Brothers Drake Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Toy Soldier Treasures #81 At chapter start, to the right of the garden, on bench behind a fountain.
Conversation 22 Conversations In the house, drop down from the attic and open the door on the left. Inspect the object to trigger a conversation.
Toy Seaplane Treasures #82 After dropping down from the attic and finding the sarcophagus, take the stairs on the right to find the treasure.
Conversation 23 Conversations Manor main hall, room in the back. Inspect the book on the table to trigger the conversation.
Conversation 24 Conversations Triggered immediately after Conversation 23
Pirate Snowglobe Treasures #83 Climb up a shelf in the manor and jump to the balcony across the other side. Treasure is on the couch.

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