The Grave of Henry Avery

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The Grave of Henry Avery is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 8 of the campaign.

The Grave of Henry Avery Video Walkthrough

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The Grave of Henry Avery Text Walkthrough

From the beginning of the chapter you can follow Sam. If you are treasure hunting, you can instead go along the edge of the cliff to find a treasure in a cave and then go up the hill towards the snow to find another treasure.

Head downhill and left to the rockslide. Take the slide down and keep to the far right to jump onto the wall. Pull up and head down until you get to the stump with the rope. Attach your hook and rappel to the ground to trigger a cutscene. When play resumes fight off the attackers. Head to the camp in the ruins. There is a treasure in the far corner of the camp here.

Use the dynamite to open the wooden doors nearby. Enter to find a hole in the ceiling. Leave the building and head right to go through the camp until you come to a yellow cart. Use some dynamite on the door behind the cart to open it and push the cart through until it drops down. Push it down the hill. Enemies will rappel down into the area.

You have the option to take them out in the grass using stealth. If not a second wave of enemies will show up. After defeating them, push the cart into the building you blasted open earlier and position it beneath the hole in the ceiling. Enter and you can find a treasure in a cave. You'll need to use dynamite to blow the rubble blocking it.

Moving ahead, attach your hook to the pole sticking out. Swing to the rock wall and climb as high as you can. From here grapple to another part above and wall run to leap to the other rock wall. Climb to the ledge and grapple and swing to another spot on the opposite wall. Head right and stand on the ledge, where Sam will join you.

Boost Sam up to the ladder and follow to his location where he can reach your hand with his. He will pull you up. Take the path down to notice a structure. Take the rockslide down. Take the seond slide and jump as soon as you reach the bottom to the grab the ledge on the wall. Climb up and go left. You will see 3 gunmen here. 2 keep walking and you can go left on the ledge to drop onto the last remaining man. You can now stealthily take out the 2 other guards from behind with Sam. Ahead will be an old bridge that is heavily guarded. You can either fight your way across or use stealth takedowns. The choice is yours. If you choose stealth you'll have to take a circuitous route, and really pay attention to the guards' movement patterns.

Once the bridge is clear, continue on the path. Jump and grab the ledge and shift to the right and hop onto the platform. At the edge grapple hook the branch sticking out from the cliff. Swing left and jump to the ledge, climbing up to the rockslide. Take the slide into the grass where you will find 3 enemies. Take them out and continue ahead, going up the rocks. Head left and hop onto the pillar in the rockslide and then leap onto the rockslide and move towards the other pillar and jump when reaching it to grab onto to it and climb up to the top. Jump to the next pillar and pull up and then jump to grab onto the wall. Take the wall up and leap over the gap. Once up top, take the rockslide and slide towards the far wall to jump to a ledge. Pull up here and go past the stone cross.

Take the next rockslide and slide towards the platform. Take the wall around the corner and cross the gap and climb up the pillar. Jump over the rockslide to get to the next platform. You can drop down here to find a treasure and then climb up. Make your way up to the next slide and take it down, heading in the direction of the wall with the rock outcrops. Jump as you get to it and climb up.

Continue on and make a running jump to the rockslide, steering towards the right pillar. Jump as you get to the pillar to grab on. Climb the pillar and jump onto the arch. Take the path through the arch and to the left. Jump and swing across the poles to get to the pillar. Slide right to allow you to climb to the arch top. As you take the rockslide down, look up at the pole sticking out of the cliff. Press L1 when prompted to grapple the pole. Swing to the platform. Before the gate, to the left is a treasure. Sam will help Nathan open the gate.

Once in the cemetery you will receive a journal entry. You are looking for a grave that matches the entry in the journal. You can find an journal entry in a grave here. Examine the grave with the name Benjamin Bridgeman to open a secret passage. Head into the catacombs. You will find a journal note in the corner. Continue on to a room with statues on the wall. You will find a treasure to the left. Make a journal entry at the crosses and speak to Sam when prompted for a conversation.

Head through the door and examine the wall with star symbols. Across, the wall behind the crosses has 3 panels. Examine the lantern above the center panel and Sam will ignite it. Select the crosses and align the light beams so that they hit the stars that form the Libra constellation. When complete, stand back and look at the entire door and puzzle to receive a journal entry on Libra. Speak to Sam for a conversation. Examine the spot to unlock the door panel to show a view of a cave across the bay.

Exiting the cemetery gives you the option for a very complex hidden stealth run or you can fight your way out. Progress how you choose and then open the gate to exit.

Once through the gate, turn left and take the rockslide down. Hop onto the wall and walk up. Walk across the ledge and around the boulder to drop onto another rockslide. Climb the cliff and press L3 to view your destination, marked by 3 crosses.

Move along the cliffs and climb up. At the gap grapple and swing across to the grassy platform. Enemies will appear. You can hang on the ledge here and pull the guard over the ledge if no one else is watching. In the cave ahead, take a right into the tunnel to find a treasure. Exit the tunnel and and head right and climb the wall to hang on the next spot. Wait here and pull the guard down when in range. Head into the grass and take out the guard here. Jump across to a platform to find a treasure in a cave.

Go under the broken rope ladder and boost Sam up to the ladder. Sam moves a beam into place. Grapple to the beam and climb up. Reattach the hook to the beam and walk to the other ledge and hang down from the rope. Swing left and jump to the cliff wall. Climb left and then drop down to a pole. Swing across to a rockslide. Steer left and look up to grapple to a pole. Swing to the next wall and climb up and to the left and hook to another pole. Climb up the rope as far as you can before swinging and then swing over the rubble and onto a rockslide. Steer between the 2 pillars and go hard left. At the end leap to a ledge on the far cliff. The ledge collapses and you will grab a ledge below. Head right and leap to the next hold. Go to a ladder that will collapse. Keep climbing to the right and grapple to the wooden beam. Sing and grab the frame on the cliff. Climb up to the top where Sam pulls you up. There is a treasure to the left.

Head left into the ravine. Jump left to the ledge and climb right to the corner and drop down to the holds to get to the grassy area. Guards will be ahead. You may proceed in any combination of ways between stealth and gunfighting. Once past them, head into the cave and down the tunnel to the beam where Sam will help you lift it. Head onto the rockslide and jump to the wall and climb up. Exit the cave opening and head to the next grapple spot and swing over. Proceed through to the area with staircases. Head out on the plank and hop across the planks to the stairs. Head up them and you can find a treasure to the left. Climb the rest of the stairs and the wall. Continue on exit from a tunnel and a vista. Head left into the cave and take the passage through and squeeze through the narrow passage. Go down the stairs and use the lock device to trigger a cutscene and the end of the chapter.




The Grave of Henry Avery Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Redware and Silver Jug Flask Treasures #16 At chapter start, go up the hill on the left. Treasure is in the snow.
Bronze Boar Treasures #17 At chapter start, go down the hill to the right along the cliff. It's in a tiny cave.
Carved Wood Kashkul Treasures #18 After defeating the first group of enemies, proceed forward to where all the equipment/dynamite and ruins are. It will be on at the bottom right of this area, on the cliff's edge in a bush. (you can pick it up before or after the encounter here)
Carved Nut Bottle Treasures #19 After defeating the enemies in the ruins, and blasting the door open with dynamite, use the yellow cart to jump up the opening in the celing. Forward is a very low cave along the rock wall that is blocked by 4 boxes. Blow them up with dynamite and crouch inside to get the treasure.
Traveling Inkwell with Seal Treasures #20 After the next encounter with enemies there will be series of gravel jump puzzles. Near the end there will be a wooden pole which you will use to jump across a gravel slide. Once you've jumped across, drop over the edge on your right to find this treasure.
Carved Ivory Vanitas Treasures #21 After a couple more slide puzzles you will reach a closed door/gate. Before you interact with it, climb up the wall to the left to find this treasure.
Journal Entry 1 Journal Entries Once inside the graveyard, inspect the open grave with two skeletons. It's in the open area in the middle, left of where you come in.
Note 1 Journal Notes Find the grave stone chapter objective, enter the catacombs that are revealed and note is on the floor.
Scottish Ha'Penny Treasures #22 In the catacombs, throuh a doorway on the left of the three crosses at the feet of a statue.
Conversation 6 Conversations Inspect the 3 crosses in the catacombs. Triggers a conversation option with Sam.
Journal Entry 2 Journal Entries Solve the puzzle in the catacombs, speak with Sam while he stands in front of the door. CAUTION: If you use the door after solving the puzzle without talking to Sam you will not be able to get this Journal Entry.
Conversation 7 Conversations Solve the puzzle in the catacombs, speak with Sam while he stands in front of the door. CAUTION: If you use the door after solving the puzzle without talking to Sam you will not be able to get this Optional Conversation.
Slipjoin Clasp Knife Treasures #23 Exit the catacombs and defeat the enemies. Exit through the gate afterwards and find a cave just below and to the left of the patrol up ahead. The treasure can be found in the cave past the Flintlock.
Pewter Singing Bird Box Treasures #24 Just past the patrol on the right is a jump to a small cave. It's inside on the left.
Tortoise Shell Snuff Box Treasures #25 After Sam pulls you up from climbing, head immediately left and drop over the cliff edge and down to find a treasure. The cliff is about 10 feet from where he pulls you up.
Persian Tailoring Scissors Treasures #26 After jumping on the wodden planks, above the pirate ship below, head up the first set of steps and when you see the second, duck under them to the right and pick up this treasure.


The Grave of Henry Avery Weapons

Weapon Location
Dynamite Center of crate puzzle.
AK-47 Enemies in the crate puzzle section.
Mettler M-30 Far right of enemy bridge portion, near propane tank, behind wooden fence.
Propane Tank Scattered around the bridge section.
Barok .44 On crate on far side of bridge. 2nd to last enemy on bridge also carries one.
Turret Right side of upper bridge section.
Flintlock Cave crawl space, near skeleton.
Pistole Cave under first land landed on while facing the battle.


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