Chapter 9: Continue moving forward until you reach the next “test” — the one that crumbled into the ocean. Sam asks how you can get across — from this ledge, turn left and hop onto the rocky cliff. Climb down to reach a platform below with a skeleton. Examine the body to get another note.[1]

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April 1701

Let it be known that I, Thomas Howard - Captain of
the Dauntless - am a gullible fool.

It started with the cross: a cryptic message from my old
compatriot with a vague promise of Paradise. I was skeptical,
but the thought of living the remainder of my days at home,
wondering what might have been, was too much to bear. And
one does not ignore a letter from the King of Pyrates.

I survived being marooned off the coast of Madagascar, I
survived the attack of the East Indiaman Pembroke, but I
will not survive this. My leg is broken and my crew - too
cowardly to set foot in these d*mned caverns - cannot hear my
calls for help. Who could have imagined my deeds would bring
me here, to die an ignoble death so far from home?

May God Himself curse you, Henry Avery. And may my
ghost haunt you the rest of your days.



[1] http://gameranx.com/features/id/51665/article/uncharted-4-journal-entries-treasure-locations-guide/6/

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