Those Who Prove Worthy Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Journal Entry 3 Journal Entries Interact with the cage at mission start.
Lantern Mounted Flintlock Treasures #27 Go down path from chapter start and turn around to find a cave with the treasure.
Journal Entry 4 Journal Entries Inspect the contraption you stick your hand in after the cutscene.
Conversation 8 Conversations After the wheel puzzle, go up the cliff on the left. Wait for Sam to join you to trigger the conversation prompt.
Strange Pendant Treasures #28 After the wheel puzzle, jump across on the right side and then jump off the cliff to the right attaching your rope to the wood. Swing to a platform with a skeleton where the treasure is. Can also be reached by descending the cliff and attaching the rope.
Amatory Box Treasures #29 Just after the wheel room there will be another point where you use your rope and swing down to another area. Once there, climb down the cliff on the left to find this treasure
Pewter Box Treasures #30 After cutscne with Nadine, behind the broken statue. Crouch under the statue to obtain the treasure.
Memento Mori Skull Watch Treasures #31 After pushing the crate to a wall to climb up to the area. Head immediately to the right and climb down to the left to find this treasure.
Scottish Tipstaff Treasures #32 At the part where you have to attach a rope to the box on the right and pull yourself across. It is in the corner on the right-hand side, behind some barrels.
Journal Note 2 Journal Notes Cross to the other side of the bridge by attaching the rope to the box. Follow the path and drop down to find the remains of a skeleton where the note is.

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