Those Who Prove Worthy

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Those Who Prove Worthy is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 9 of the campaign.

Those Who Prove Worthy Video Walkthrough

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Those Who Prove Worthy Text Walkthrough

Approach the shrine ahead and examine to its right for a journal entry. Exit to a bridge. In a cave to the left you will find a treasure. Leap across the bridge gap and go up the slope. Head right and come to a rockslide. Ride it and jump to a wall. Climb up to a stairs and head into the next room.

A cutscene will play here. Examine the body at the door which triggers a cutscene and the puzzle. Examine the center receptacle to obtain the bucket. Fill the bucket with water from the pond. Go to Sam and give him the bucket. Climb to him and he puts the bucket in. Bring up the journal to find the correct alignment. The correct alignment has the bigger cross in the center, the white cross on the left and the black cross on the right, with the bucket up top. Once they are lined up the door unlocks. Trying to open the door before it unlocks triggers a blade trap. For a quick sequence, turn the first crank clockwise once, then the third crank clockwise once, then crank 1 clockwise twice, crank 3 clockwise once, crank 2 clockwise once, and crank 3 clockwise once. Open the door and exit.

Head left through the left tunnel along the cliff edge. You can have a conversation with Sam here. Head down the stairs where you can drop and swing to a treasure on a lower ledge in a cave and then swing up to the path. Follow the path upstairs and jump across the gap. Grapple and swing around the larger pillar to land on the other side. Around the column on the left you will find a treasure down the holds between 2 columns. Go through the arch and climb under the rope ladder. Boost Sam up and climb the boulder to the platform and jump to the other cliff. Take it to a low tunnel entrance. Follow the passage to catacombs below.

Pass through the broken wall and jump up and crawl through a pass to get back to the cave. Head left and jump to the wall and climb onto the ledge to trigger a cutscene. After, climb right around the corner, drop down and take the path around the corner. You will find a treasure in a side room here. Attach your hook to the grapple point. Hold L1 and slide to the end of the rope. Swing to the holds on the side of the platform ahead and climb up. Head right and leap to the brick wall and climb up to the small tunnel.

Crawl through the tunnel and push the crate off the ledge and move it to the wall. Climb it to get to the next path. Turn right through the hole to find a treasure after climbing down. Climb back up, go past the bridge through the arches past the statues.

Keep taking the path across the bridge and head to the edge. Grapple the crate across the gap. Swing across and climb up. Find treasure amongst the items here. Push the crate onto the lower platform. Hop down and push it to the corner. Grapple the crate and drop off, wall run and swing to the ledge. Go through the arched doorway and head left at the blocked path to get to a lower tunnel. Crouch in to get to the next cave.

Head left and leap across to grab a pillar. Shift around the corner and climb down. A journal note can be found on the ground. Walk across the beam and jump to the platform and onto the seasaw where the structure will crash. Walk across the bridge until Sam calls. Return towards him and he hops down to balance the bridge. Turn around and walk to the end. Jump off the right to grab the wall. Climb right until you see the grapple spot. Swing from it to the holds on the wall between the gears.

Push the crate down the slope onto the seasaw bridge which launches Sam up. Jump onto the bridge and run across and jump towards Sam.

Climb up the staircase and to the door. Use the device to open the door and trigger a cutscene. Follow Sam through the collapsing cavern and jump across to grab the floor. You will fall to a lower platform. Jump across to the center pillar and climb the holds up and left to the top. After the next pillar partially crumbles, jump across and shift around the corner. Climb to the top and jump onto the enemy as the pillar falls. You will take the gun and begin firing.

Look up to see a hole in the ceiling. You can fire on some of the enemies here. Toss your hook at the beam and swing across to the pillar with a statue and climb up. Hang on the platform you reach where you may deal with any unfinishe enemies. Fight your way out the tunnel into the ruins. Take out the turret user first and take control of it to mow down more enemies.

Take the passage out to the central area. Beware the sniper here, and watch for the laser sight. Take out the enemies grapple to the platform. More enemies will arrive. Take them all out and grapple to the crane hook and swing across. Take the enemies that arrive. Take them out and go past the crane where Sully will fly in.

On your way to meet Sully's plane, hop down and around the corner. Go down the stairs and take out the enemy. Hop on the rockslide and jump to the next platform. Defeat the enemies and climb up the brick wall. Take the passage on the left and drop the rockslide. Leap across to take out the foe. Head to cover from gunfire. Jump onto the next rockslide and grapple to the beam above to swing to another rockslide. Ride it to the bottom. Hop across the gap to the arch and take out the enemies.

Climb the stairs on the right and make your way through the ruins and climb onto the small platform and drop down to the rockslide. Leap across the gap and grap the ledge. Climb to the platform where you can take cover from the wall. Take out the two gunmen acorss, and go through the arch and jump acorss to the rockslide. Watch for enemy fire while riding it down. At the bottom grapple to the wooden beam overhead and swing to the water. Swim to the plane to trigger the cutscene and chapter end.




Those Who Prove Worthy Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Journal Entry 3 Journal Entries Interact with the cage at mission start.
Lantern Mounted Flintlock Treasures #27 Go down path from chapter start and turn around to find a cave with the treasure.
Journal Entry 4 Journal Entries Inspect the contraption you stick your hand in after the cutscene.
Conversation 8 Conversations After the wheel puzzle, go up the cliff on the left. Wait for Sam to join you to trigger the conversation prompt.
Strange Pendant Treasures #28 After the wheel puzzle, jump across on the right side and then jump off the cliff to the right attaching your rope to the wood. Swing to a platform with a skeleton where the treasure is. Can also be reached by descending the cliff and attaching the rope.
Amatory Box Treasures #29 Just after the wheel room there will be another point where you use your rope and swing down to another area. Once there, climb down the cliff on the left to find this treasure
Pewter Box Treasures #30 After cutscne with Nadine, behind the broken statue. Crouch under the statue to obtain the treasure.
Memento Mori Skull Watch Treasures #31 After pushing the crate to a wall to climb up to the area. Head immediately to the right and climb down to the left to find this treasure.
Scottish Tipstaff Treasures #32 At the part where you have to attach a rope to the box on the right and pull yourself across. It is in the corner on the right-hand side, behind some barrels.
Journal Note 2 Journal Notes Cross to the other side of the bridge by attaching the rope to the box. Follow the path and drop down to find the remains of a skeleton where the note is.



Those Who Prove Worthy Weapons

Weapon Location
Turret Prominent in chapter.
Mazur LDR By platform you swing to with the first sniper.


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