The Twelve Towers

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The Twelve Towers is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 10 of the campaign.

The Twelve Towers Video Walkthrough

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The Twelve Towers Text Walkthrough

The chapter begins with a driving sequence. You will notice as the chapter goes on 16 rock structures called Cairns. Trophy hunters can knock all 16 of these over with the truck or by shooting to earn the Not a Cairn in the World trophy.

Drive your truck to a fork in the road and head left on the dirt road. Sully will point out a house on the left where you can leave the vehicle to find a treasure in the ruins. Get back to driving on the path over a short drop (Cairn is nearby) and towards the waterfall on the left river side. Drive to the falls and onto the right bank and into a cave behind the falls. Get out and walk into a chamber to find a treasure and a journal note. Get back in and follow the river beneath an old bridge. There is a Cairn at the dead end here. Go up the muddy hill by the bridge, accelerating before hitting the up slope to give yourself enough momentum. Take the path around another cairn and head across the bridge with caution.

There is another cairn you can knock over on the left after the bridge. On the muddy path, sticking to the rocks will give better mobility. Continue until you reach the river. Drive up the boulder marked with tire tracks, where there will be another cairn.

Drive along the left bank and cut across where the stream narrows to climb another boulder with tire tracks, where another cairn will be at the top. Follow the curved muddy path. You'll come to a drop off and a hill that the truck can't go up. Get out and grab the winch hook and take the stairs to the tree at the top. Circle the trunk completely and attach the hook. In the tower near you can examine the symbol on the floor for a journal entry. On the wall you can climb up to find a treasure on top of a box on the second floor. Go back to the car and pull up the hill. Hop out and unhook the winch and get back in to continue on.

Drive off a drop off and head right to follow the tire tracks. Past another cairn will be ruins where a treasure can be found sitting on a crate. Continue down the route and over a drop off next to a pond with another cairn past it. Take the sharp bend and to the right you will save a triangular cave opening with a treasure inside.

Over another drop off will trigger a cutscene. Drive and park beneath the trees and exit the car to approach. You can either go in guns blazing or study the patterns of the guards and use the environment to move stealthily across to take everyone out. Watch out in particular for the sniper on the tower. Hard or Crushing playthroughs will be face with RPG enemies as well. Killing 4 enemies and standing on top of the tower tirggers another wave arriving by truck. The sniper here is useful for taking some of them out at range as they cross the bridge.

Once the enemies are taken out, spot the dynamite on the tower's ground level door. Follow the wires to the detonator and use it to blast the door open. Enter and examine the symbol on the ground for a jounral entry.

Go back to your truck and drive across the bridge. Get out and hook the winich around both of the bridge supports and reverse the truck until the bridge collapses Drive up the fallen part now. Head up the muddy slope and over a drop off. At a curve there will be an old house where you can find a treasure upstairs. Continue up past another cairn until you reach a wide valley. Keep going forward to drive off another ledge. There is another cairn straight ahead. If you veer right you can find a treasure and a journal note inside a well at the far end. You will have to use the winch to get down and wrap it around a post, where Sully will reverse the truck pulling it down. Nathan can then leap to the wall and climb up to find the treasure and the note will be on the floor next to the dead pirate at the end of the room. If you get back in the truck and backtrack/veer left from the valley entrance and go around an old building you can find a treasure if you pull alongside the wall. Jump to the roof of the truck and onto the wall to get to the building's roof. Shoot the barrels and jump into the hole to find a treasure on the table and a pistol near.

Head back and drive up the rocks along the cliff edge until you reach the matching pillars. Take the sharp curve and follow the treacherous path. After passing a pillar on the right, you will see a twin trunk tree. If you go up the slope to its left you can find a treasure inside the ruins of a house at the top. It will be on a barrel. Head back down to the tree and head to the right of the tree. Drive ahead to find another cairn and head up the canyon where Sully will spot enemies ahead. Head up the ramp and stop to continue on foot. There will be a treasure along the path to the right, but there are enemies to contend with first. Once defeated use the detonator on the porch of the main building to blast open a bunker. Inside will be a treasure on a rubble pile.

Exit the upper portion and stay along the cliffs on the left. There will be another cairn at an intersection here. Take a right at the intersection and past two pillars and a drop off. Continue to the tower. There will be another cairn on a boulder across the road from the tower. Get out and look up at the tower to get a journal entry. Look for talk prompts and speak with Sam first and then walk around the tower to talk to Sully for 2 conversations. The tower can be climbed to find a treasure in the signal fire chamber at the top. At the top spot another tower ahead. Head back to the truck and drive to the other outpost.

Park across the drawbridge and climb to the tower's main floor. Examine the symbol on the ground to find a journal entry. Go to the tower's shadowed side, a Barok .44 can be found on a crate here. Climb the wall to stand on the first ledge. Go right around the corner and climb through the window to get to the second floor. Jump across to the opposite wall and climb to the top and flip over to the outside. Then head left around the corner and climb the frame and the second corner. At the top Nathan will spot a large tower. Head left and crawl to the other side and drop onto the platform. Push the crate off the platform and ride it across teh gap. Then push it against the wall beneath the lever. Climb and use it to lower the bridge. Two waves of enemies will arrive. Take them out with either stealth or gunfire.

Return to the lever to lower the bridge and take the truck across and down the road. Drive along the narrow path where you will find the last cairn. Continue to the drop off into the water filled pit. Get out grab the winch and climb the stairs, hooking it around the big tree trunk. Get back in a drive up. After Sam's heroics, climb to get back in the seat and drive up.

Get out of the truck and unhook and get back in and accelerate hard to go across the bridge to clear the gap. Continue to the stairs at the bootm of the platform. Get out of the truck and go up the stairs. The entrance is blocked. Go left and along the wall to find a treasure on a crate. Go to the passage nearby and bash the door open with Sam. Go into a room and examine the wall by the shelf where rays of light are. Push the shelf to reveal a broken brick section. Use the powder keg to blow open the wall.

Go up the stairs to an iron gate and crank it open. There are 2 treasures in this room before going down the stairs. One is found after breaking open one of the three crates in the corner and the other is behind some small boxes on top of a large crate. Follow Sam down to the shrine. Approach it to trigger a cutscene. Enemies will arrive.

Take the enemies out and return to the map wall. Take the map from Sam to trigger the cutscene and chapter end.





The Twelve Towers Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box Treasures #33 On top of the first ruin at chapter start.
Eroded Flintlock Pistol Treasures #34 Behind the waterfall, pull down the crate with rope and push the crate to the other side. Climb to find the treasure up top.
Journal Note 3 Journal Notes Behind the waterfall, next to the Flintlock Pistol treasure.
Journal Entry 5 Journal Entries After Sam and Nathan leave the truck, go up the stairs and into the ruined tower. Investigate the symbol on the ground in the middle of the tower.
Mughal Ivory Powder Flask Treasures #35 In the ruined tower, climb up and head onto the wooden platform.
Parchment Scroll Treasures #36 After using the car winch, progress forward and drive down the muddy hill. At the bottom of the hill is some ruins on the left. It will be on a box in these ruins.
Ancient Fertility Idol Treasures #37 In a cave further along in the level. You'll have to exit the car, jump over a rock and it will be inside on your left.
Journal Entry 6 Journal Entries In the area with the sniper on the tower. Blow the door with dynamite to find a room. Investigat the symbol on the floor to find the entry.
Pocket Celestial Map Treasures #38 After the snipers on the tower, pull down the bridge with the car's winch. Drive to a small ruin, where the treasure can be found on top.
English Ale Bottle Treasures #39 Once arriving at the wide open area, stop the car at the ruins on the left and climb them. Blow up the kegs and drop down into the buidling to find the treasure.
Pewter Letter Cylinder Treasures #40 Once arriving at the wide open area, find the dried up well on the right. Climb down taking the winch with. Attach it to the piece of wood inside the well. Sully will drive the car to pull the wood. Climb it to jump to an area with the treasure.
Journal Note 4 Journal Notes In the dried up well, on a skeleton.
Mughal Box Treasures #41 Exit the well and drive up the hill. On the left side will be a mountain with a pillar. On the mountain top will be a ruin that can't be seen from below. Treasure is inside the ruin.
English Musket Bandolier Treasures #42 Exit the well and drive up the hill. On the far right, go to where the smoke is coming from. Behind a tunnel is a village and enemies. In the middle of the village is a sealed well with a barrel. Explode the barrel and descend the well to find the treasure.
Antique Tea Tin Treasures #43 Exit the dried up well and drive up the hill. At the top of the hill to the left is a village. Clear out the enemies and trigger the dynamite to open a door in the building. Treasure is inside.
Journal Entry 7 Journal Entries At the top of the hill, look at the beacon and press triangle when the prompt is given which marks it as your objective and earns the entry.
Conversation 9 Conversations Stand under the beacon tower and speak with Sam.
Conversation 10 Conversations Stand under the beacon tower and speak with Sully.
Scottish Two Pence Coin Treasures #44 On top of the beacon. Climb to find the treasure.
Journal Entry 8 Journal Entries At the second beacon tower. Inspect the floor to earn the entry.
Scottish Snuff Mull Treasures #45 At the third beacon tower. Treasure is on a crate to the left of the tower before going underground or opening the gate.
Brass and Ivory Tankard Treasures #46 Undeground area below third beacon tower. Blow up a wall and use the wheel to lift the gate. Behind boxes on the left wall, between a box and the wall.
Muff Pistol Treasures #47 Undeground area below third beacon tower. Blow up a wall and use the wheel to lift the gate. Blow up the wooden crates on the right side. Treasure is inside.



The Twelve Towers Weapons

Weapon Location
Mk-NDI Strewn about the chapter.
FAL Enemy in chapter.
Raffica Enemy in chapter.
RPG 2 enemies on the tower
China Lake GL Back of the pickup truck.


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