The Thieves of Libertalia

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The Thieves of Libertalia is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 15 in the campaign.


The Thieves of Libertalia Video Walkthrough

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The Thieves of Libertalia Text Walkthrough

This chapter begins just inside the door. There are several collectibles in this room. They are all placed in the same general location but the game will place them inside random drawers or cabinets meaning you have to search around some. Near the entrance under a tall shelf that is tilted against another shelf will be a treasure. You will find some journal notes in the second drawer you inspect, the second chest you check and the fourth drawer you inspect.

Look for two paintings on the floor with the word "thief" on them. Check the statue head for a journal entry. Inspect the impaled guard and then speak to Sam to trigger a conversation. Once you have discovered 2 documents, Sam will crouch and ask you to come over to trigger a conversation.

Help Sam push the cabinet to reveal the crank. Climb the cabinet nearby and grapple to the chadelier. Swing and jump to the second chandelier chain and swing to the painting. Shift left across the other paintings to the big hole in the wall. Climp up the ledges to the open window.

Once inside, go up the stairs and climb to the platform and look at the ring in the statue's hand. Climb up the tower and grapple to the ring. Climb the rope and swing over to the window bars to the right of the statue. Climb the ledges and enter the open window.

Boost Sam up to the ladder. take the chest he pushes to get up and climb the next ladder to the roof and a cutscene. Walk to the opening in the roof's gate and drop to grab the edge. Climb down and you drop to the railing below the window a rocket will hit the tower. Drop to the next ledge and shift right and drop to the holds to reach the bars below.

Head into the window and go straight and jump across to the platform below in the right corner. Leap to the stairs and take them down, leaping across any gaps. The tower will collapse and you will slide down the floor. Quickly grapple to the point that appears. Climb the rope and grab one of the boards and climb until you can pull up and run along the tower. Leap across the gap and continue on leaping from piece to piece past the window. Jump as the tower floor drops away and grab the far ledge to Sam.

Follow Sam ignoring the enemies to the door and punch it 3 times to open it. Continue down the hall to the door on the left. If you try to open it a grenade will explode on the other side so move away to prevent dying. You'll land on a mudslide as the floor gives out. Take the slide through a fence and jump to reach the wall. Head right around the corner and climb up and to the right and then jump up to the left. At the top, you'll break off the wall and grab a beam on the way down. Swing and jump to another beam and climb up. Climb into the room and hang out the window.

Climb up to the next open window and go in to trigger a cutscene. Fight Nadine, tapping triangle often to stay alive. When she turns to attack Sam, rush her and press square to send her into the wall and hit triangle repeatedly to continue the fight. She'll kick you out of the window and leave you hanging from a beam. From the beam climb up and to the right around the corner and grapple to a beam and swing in an arc to the porch. Get across and jump onto her. This will trigger a cutscene and the end of the chapter.




The Thieves of Libertalia Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Journal Entry 21 Journal Entries At chapter start, inspect the broken statue in the middle of the room.
Conversation 20 Conversations Left side in the room at chapter start.
Journal Note 11 Journal Notes Inspect the shelves and boxes in the chapter's first room. Appears randomly in one of these.
Journal Note 12 Journal Notes Inspect the shelves and boxes in the chapter's first room. Appears randomly in one of these.
Journal Note 13 Journal Notes Inspect the shelves and boxes in the chapter's first room. Appears randomly in one of these.
Conversation 21 Conversations Middle of the chapter start room. Open several shelves to trigger a talk with Sam.
Emerald Flask Treasures #80 At chapter start, under a broken bookshelf on the left, crouch below the shelf to find the treasure.




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