The Brothers Drake

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The Brothers Drake is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 16 of the campaign.


The Brothers Drake Video Walkthrough

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The Brothers Drake Text Walkthrough

This chapter is a flashback to Nathan's youth as the brohers embark on their first treasure hunt. From the chapter start, go up the hill to the driveway. Head to the right of the house to find a treasure near the wooden bench just outside the fountain plaza. Return and take the driveway through the arch to the shed on the side. Work with Sam up and hump to the garage roof and then jump to the windowsill. Climb to the balcony and through the window into the attic.

Explore the attic to find a note with a photo of the item on the flip side. Keep exploring the attic, and open 2 marked boxes. After opening the second, Sam will open a trapdoor. Drop down it.

Exit the room to the hall and find a marked box on a stack near the sofa. Examine to find a journal. Flip it to find its details. Continue forward to a door on the left.

Inside the bedroom find a letter with a photo. Approach Sam to engage in a conversation. Leave the room and go down the hall. Help Sam push open the door to trigger a cutscene.

Examine the vessels. You can also examine a jar with organs. Take the stairs up to the locked attic door to find a treasure on a cardboard box on the left. Head down to the first floor.

Check the box under the metal shelf with paint cans at the bottom of the stairs to find another journal. Go to the pantry and open the door to trigger a cutscene. Go into the kitchen and examine the invitation on the island with a note on its back. Go into the room and pick up the item from the table by the window. Check the globe for another cutscene and spin it 4 times. Every time Nathan will pick a new spot to visit.

Exit the doorway into the dining room where you can examine an artifcat on the shelf as well as the table. Go through the door and put the helment on. Go into the hallway and open the box under the desk to find a book . Go through the doorway into the next area.

Head left and check out the armor. Walk around the stairs to another room checking out the items in this room. Checking out the different items will shed more light on the story.

Find the book of history of pirates on a corner table. Put the book down and approach Sam for 2 conversations. After the first chat, the conversation prompt will appear again for the second talk. Climb the stairs to find all the doors locked along the hall. Head back downstairs to examine the vents.

Go into the living room where you can play around with several items. Go to where Sam is at by the bookcase. Check out the bookcase to the right of the fireplace. With Sam, push the bookcase to the right. There will be photo taking scene. Climb across the mace to reach the next ledge and go around the corner and climb the wheel to get to the next ledge. Stand on it and go left to the vent. Pull open the grate and climb in until you reach another grate. Kick it open and go into the room.

Climb up the bookcase and grab the rod. Jump to the ledge on top of the panel and pull up. Jump across to the balcony railing. You can find a pirate snowglobe behind pillows on the sofa. Jump back across and go left. When you get to the statues and grab the wall and go past to the corner.

In the room, check out the items on the desk and on the dresser. Pick up the photo from the table and take the key from the drawers next to the bed. Open the door for Sam.

Exit the room and go to the door at the end of the hall and go into the study. Check out the journals on the desk in the box on the floor. Open the box under the main desk to trigger a cutscene. Turn the pages of the journal. At the end another cutscene plays. When it ends you'll be hanging outside the window.

Slide left to the pipe and climb it up and go left to climb onto the roof. Jump to the gutter and head left to the windows. Climb up and jump to Sam. Jump across to grab the chimney, climb right around 2 corners and drop to the roof. Follow Sam voer the roof and use the windowsill to drop one by one to the ground. Cops will see you and chase you. Head left, past the door and jump over the wall. You'll make a big circle. Follow Sam up the stairs and over the railing up the driveway. Head left at the police car and up the stairs. Go down and when the cop grabs you, tap triangle to get free and run across the driveway to where Sam is. Follow him through the gate.

Run downstairs and climb the dumpster, head left and jump to Sam. Follow him and jump, to evade the police. A cutscene will trigger as well as the end of the chapter.




The Brothers Drake Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Toy Soldier Treasures #81 At chapter start, to the right of the garden, on bench behind a fountain.
Conversation 22 Conversations In the house, drop down from the attic and open the door on the left. Inspect the object to trigger a conversation.
Toy Seaplane Treasures #82 After dropping down from the attic and finding the sarcophagus, take the stairs on the right to find the treasure.
Conversation 23 Conversations Manor main hall, room in the back. Inspect the book on the table to trigger the conversation.
Conversation 24 Conversations Triggered immediately after Conversation 23
Pirate Snowglobe Treasures #83 Climb up a shelf in the manor and jump to the balcony across the other side. Treasure is on the couch.





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