The Lure of Adventure

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The Lure of Adventure is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is the 1st chapter of the campaign.


The Lure of Adventure Video Walkthrough

The Lure of Adventure Crushing Difficulty/All Collectibles


The Lure of Adventure Text Walkthrough

This chapter is a flashback to Nathan's youth at the boy's home in Boston. After a cutscene involving a lecture from a nun and a signal from across the home from Sam, the gameplay portion starts.

Open the window and exit onto the roof outside. Go forward and hop over the short wall, and then head around the corner. Climb up the power box on the wall. Jump up and grab the vent grate above. Use the decorative bricks above the vent to ascend the wall. Once over the wall, you will dangle and drop to the next roof. Walk down and pull yourself over the wall on the left. Slide down this slope to the bottome. Hop over the next short wall and proceed to the open window. Head inside to reach the medical infirmary.

Head to the open door and press triangle to open it. Go down the hall on your left and take cover when the priest and nun appear. Once they leave, enter the room and you can quickly head into an open office on the right. On the wooden desk you can inspect a paper to read your behavioral report.

Exit the office and enter the open door where the nun exited. Use cover and stealth to advance around the room taking care not to be spotted. While she is smoking, use her exhales out the window as opportunities to advance. Eventually make your way to the open window and jump out.

Hanging from the windowsill, drop to grab the vent and slide left to climb to the next roof. Proceed along the roof and make a running jump to the next roof. Jump up and grab the ledge and at the end jump to the drain pipe. Climb it, it will break loose but you can still get up top. Once on the roof head to Sam's light and trigger the cutscene.

After the cut scene head to the wall and jump to grab Sam's hand. Follow him across the roof and jump across the gap. Climb over the wall and then jump back across the gap to Sam. Climb on the ac unit and grab the stone ledge to climb up. At the top, jump off the chimney to where Sam is. Pull up and hop over the railing to slide down a slope.

Follow Sam to the locked door. Head to the rope and jump to grab it. Climb it up and head left to the ledge and pull up onto the balcony to Sam. Climb the chimney up and around the corner jump to other side. Drop down and cliimb the wall. Slide down the slope to the roof and climb the ac unit to the roof.

Run and jump across the gape to Sam who will catch you. Go up the clock tower and slide around. Jump to the ledge above and head left and drop to the lower ledge. Take the wooden walkw and duck under. Jump across the gap and follow Sam. Make a running jump to the corss. Swing to jump across. Take the rope from Sam and swing after building momentum to the far roof. Proceed and grab a window sill under a stained glass window. Climb to the platform at the top of the tower. Follow Sam across the roof and climb to the ledge of the tower. Drop down, slide down the roof and jump across the gap.

Follow Sam to the edge and fire the grappling hook at the lamp. Hop off and swing to the fire escape. Climb up and take the ladder down. The chapter ending cutscene triggers.


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