New Devon Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Conversation 31 Conversations At chapter start, inspect the wooden cross to the left.
Conversation 32 Conversations At chapter start, head to the ruins. Elena will investigate and eventually see something on the wall she would like to discuss.
Mughal Stout Vase Treasures #90 At chapter start, at end of the area on the left.
Small Mughal Dagger Treasures #91 At chapter start, on a cage to the right. Climb the cage to obtain it.
Mughal Candle Holder Treasures #92 After dropping down into the water, to the left covered by grass. Follow the wall along the water to find it.
Journal Note 16 Journal Notes In the first house you walk through, to the right in the bedroom. The note is on the bed.
Journal Note 17 Journal Notes Swim through the cave to find a skeleton hanging, with the note nearby.
Conversation 33 Conversations Triggered after finding Journal Note 17.
Mughal Circular Box Treasures #93 Opposite side of the river from the note. In the bushes.
Conversation 34 Conversations After sliding into the river with Elena, remain still and she will talk.
Mughal Headdress Treasures #94 During the swimming portion, before enterring the building, dive to find the treasure in the left corner.
Spanish Brass Chalice Treasures #95 Swim into the house and ascend to the next floor. Behind a couch in the hall is the treasure.
Journal Entry 24 Journal Entries Swim into the house and ascend to the next floor. In the hall is a vase, approach it to trigger the inspect prompt.
Journal Note 18 Journal Notes Swim into the house and ascend to the next floor. In a room on a table.
Journal Entry 25 Journal Entries Dining room with the dead pirates, on the table.
Journal Note 19 Journal Notes Dining room with dead pirates, on the table.
Journal Note 20 Journal Notes Fireplace outside the dead pirate dining room.
Mughal Painted Elephant Treasures #96 Climb the cliff after exiting the dining room to find some cannons. Treasure is behind the cannons.
Conversation 35 Conversations Upon entering the mansion, Nate will say the word "ostentatious". Wait until Elena begins speaking about her first job.
Journal Note 21 Journal Notes Elena will give to you.
Mughal Dinnerware Treasures #97 Room after Elena hands Drake the note. Treasure is upstairs.

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