Marooned Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Persian Ring Treasures #66 After coming to, climb the first rock wall, treasure is on a ledge on the right.
Wood Tankard Treasures #67 Cave behind a waterfall where you have to use a rope to swing past.
Journal Entry 15 Journal Entries In cave behind the waterfall, on a skeleton on the wall. 
Spy Glass Treasures #68 After finding the journal entry, slide down the gravel to make a jump into a flooded cave. Treasure is on the left.
Journal Note 7 Journal Notes Exit the flooded cave, note is on the left of the road.
Journal Entry 16 Journal Entries Inspect the skeleton hanging over the road near where the note was found.
Journal Note 8 Journal Notes Defeat the snipers and grenadier and swing across to the next section. Skeleton here contains the note.
Dress Dirk Treasures #69 In the section with the skeleton containing the note, go into the jungle to its left. Treasure is at the end of the path.
Frechen Bearded Bottle Treasures #70 Reunite with Sam and crouch under a building. Crouch through the opening in the wall on the right and go to the area below. Treasure is in this area. 

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