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Marooned is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 13 of the campaign.


Marooned Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough here.



Marooned Text Walkthrough

The chapter begins with Nathan washing up on a beach. Go up the beach to the right. Climb over the tree and you will fall. Climb up the rocks to a cliff. Slide along the ledge and hop down to find an empty box. Head left under a fallen tree. Climb up the wall and proceed forward and continue climbing carefully. Head right around the corner where you will take a fall. You wake to find Sam signaling you.

Work across the rocks to the top of a pillar. Jump across the ledge and slide right across the waterfalls and around the corner. Climb up to the platform, spotting a treasure along the way in the rocks. You can either go up the rocks ahead or through the cave.

Climb up until you reach the tree. Grapple to the next platorm and climb up, narrowly avoiding a fall. Climb right and then up to trigger a cutscene. Grapple and step off and swing across the waterfall to the platform below. Take any of the entrances into the cave.

Jump down to the ledge that is lit by the sun and grab the treasure on the ground next to the boulder. Head right and go along the wall and jump to grab the rock pillar. Climb up, go across and jump to the next ledge. Check out the impaled skeleton on the wall for a journal entry. Head left and take the rockslide. Steer towards the grab points between the waterfalls on the cliff. Jump to grab on at the bottom of the slide. Climb right and up to the stream and into the cave. There will be a treasure on the left on a crate in the nook. Take the passage on the right and take it outside.

Go along the left cliff wall to find a skeleton with a pouch. Examine it to find a journal note. Look at the hanging skeleton to make a journal entry. Head up and past the skeleton and up the wall on the left. Climb to the left and up and then continue your climb to the right. Grab the climbing pole and use it to climb the porous surface. Head to the dtop and jump to the ledge. Make a running jump across and stick into the wall. Climb up and jump across to the holds and climb right. Continue on until gunfire. Drop down and hang until the shooter turns away and head into the plants. Watch the guard patterns and run to the gap and jump. Climb up and hang. Pull the guard down when he approaches, nabbing you a gun.

Climb up and take out the guard. Proceed forward by using the plants for cover. You will now encounter a series of guards. You may opt to employ stealth here to continue your progress towards the Peaceful Resolution trophy or you can go in guns blazing. Opting for stealth will require patient timing of the guards' patterns as well as use of the environment via climbing and grapple points. 2 guards amongst this batch carry new weapons to fire, the Condor and the Copperhead SR7. There is also a wall after the last guard in the area on the lower path on the right where you can find the Mettler M-30. Once you progress to the sniper's platform, you have an opportunity at some new weapons here, the M14 Custom and the ARX-160 carried by the armored soldier. If you are playin in Crushing, you will have a chance to grab a DShK minigun from a brute enemy.

Exit the area and head right to jump onto the platform. Climb to the top of the pillar. Grapple to swing to the next platform and up the rocky path. Go through an overhang and through the trees to another wall. Climb onto the ledge and examine the pack to find a journal note. At the remains, hop up the low ledge on the left to find a short trail which you can follow to a treasure. Head back and climb up the wall until it collapses which triggers a cutscene.

Follow Sam down the trail. Go up the stairs and onto the roof, and drop into the building. Crouch under beams in the back and move down the passage. Lift the crate and crawl under it. Sam will call you back after being unable to lift the beam. Climb the ramp and drop down the hole and take it to a fork. Head right to drop into a room. Crouch to enter a crawlspace which you can follow to a room full of barrels and a treasure. Head back to the fork and take the other path to a courtyard.

Climb the ramps on the left and duck beneath the tree blocking the door. Push the crate at the end off. Drop down and use the crate to climb over the wall. This will trigger a cutscene and the end of the chapter.





Marooned Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Persian Ring Treasures #66 After coming to, climb the first rock wall, treasure is on a ledge on the right.
Wood Tankard Treasures #67 Cave behind a waterfall where you have to use a rope to swing past.
Journal Entry 15 Journal Entries In cave behind the waterfall, on a skeleton on the wall. 
Spy Glass Treasures #68 After finding the journal entry, slide down the gravel to make a jump into a flooded cave. Treasure is on the left.
Journal Note 7 Journal Notes Exit the flooded cave, note is on the left of the road.
Journal Entry 16 Journal Entries Inspect the skeleton hanging over the road near where the note was found.
Journal Note 8 Journal Notes Defeat the snipers and grenadier and swing across to the next section. Skeleton here contains the note.
Dress Dirk Treasures #69 In the section with the skeleton containing the note, go into the jungle to its left. Treasure is at the end of the path.
Frechen Bearded Bottle Treasures #70 Reunite with Sam and crouch under a building. Crouch through the opening in the wall on the right and go to the area below. Treasure is in this area. 




Marooned Weapons

Weapon Location
Copperhead SR7 Enemy in chapter.
Condor Enemy in chapter.
M14 Custom  Enemy in chapter.
ARX-160  Enemy in chapter.
DShK Brute enemy.

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