Chapter 10: From the start of the open area, travel right instead of left to find a well just off the dirt road. Use the winch to lower yourself inside. Look for a skeleton resting at one of the pillars to the right of the well entrance. [1]

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June 11 1702

The signal fires were lit last night, and
like clockwork, another group of would-be
bounty hunters and glory seekers
wandered heedless into our encampment.
They put up a good fight, killing a
number of our fellows, but the outcome
was never in doubt. Two regiments
sent by East India Company
defeated in as many days. For their sake,
I hope they learned their lesson.

Their self-righteous Lieutenant Sherwood
lived long enough to slander Captain Avery,
pledging us a large share of the bounty
and a full pardon in exchange for Avery's
whereabouts. Avery is offering us
something greater than gold, said I, just
before putting an end to his insults with
my sword.

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Our losses aside, this lot of British pigs
were much better stocked than the last - we
shall make good use of their boost and

[Thomas Tew sigil]


[1] http://gameranx.com/features/id/51665/article/uncharted-4-journal-entries-treasure-locations-guide/7/

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