Chapter 10: In the open valley with pools of water, turn left and drive into he cavern beneath the water fall upstream. There's a chamber in the back-right with wooden structures. Pull down the crate on the high platform with your rope, then push to the dilapidated shack. Climb to the roof, look on the desk to get this note. [1]

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June 2 1702

Captain Harrison -

It has been three days since you and your regiment
set out for the towers, and our hopes that you might
find and apprehend Captain Avery have
dwindled along with our supplies. Discovering this
pyrate hideaway after years of false leads bolstered
the confidence of my men, but after three days of
cowering in this damp cave, they grow restless and
fearful. They do not wish to starve here, or worse,
return to King's Bay empty-handed.

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Therefore, in direct defiance of your orders, come
morning we shall take what supplies and armaments
we can carry from this place and head to the towers
ourselves. There, by God's good grace, we shall
capture Avery and bring him to face Justice. God
willing we shall rendezvous with you there.

Lt. Shwerwood
4th Foot Regiment under license of the East India


[1] http://gameranx.com/features/id/51665/article/uncharted-4-journal-entries-treasure-locations-guide/7/

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