Chapter 8: Once completing your objective in the cemetery, a secret passage will open up in the ground. Take the stairs down into the catacomb and look in the corner of the first room you enter with coffins and skeletons interned in the walls.[1]

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March 25 1697

A miracle, at long last - and on our good
Saint Dismas' feast day. Weeks after
we learned the Crown's intent to shutter
our cathedral and reclaim our lands, a stranger
wandered into our midst as my novice and I
concluded our morning prayer. A startling
vision with flint-colored eyes and a thick, unkempt
beard; he was clothed in a naval captain's uniform
bearing a magnificent sword and a large leather
satchel. We bade him join us and he graciously

At mealtime, the stranger related a sad tale of a
battle at sea, and the desire to bury his fallen
comrades on sacred ground, confessing a kinship of
sorts with our good Saint Dismas. And thus we
shared our own tales of woe: the grounds in
disrepair, no money forthcoming from the Crown,
and the cathedral abandoned save for two of us.

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He nodded knowingly before drawing out of his
satchel a quantity of gold coins, the likes of which
I had never seen. The stranger offered us this
gold in exchange for our land and all the
structures contained within the grounds. Though
my beliefs conflicted with my desires, in the end,
I felt to turn him down would be foolish.

with this amount of gold we can certainly do more
good elsewhere than here along this forgotten
coastline. As for the stranger, may these lands
serve his intentions well, whatever they may be.


[1] http://gameranx.com/features/id/51665/article/uncharted-4-journal-entries-treasure-locations-guide/5/

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