Join Me in Paradise Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Carved Horn Bird Sculpture Treasures #71 At chapter start, turn right and climb through the window above to find a wheelbarrow with the treasure.
Conversation 14 Conversations At chapter start, drop down from obtaining the first treasure to get to where Sam is standing.
Journal Note 9 Journal Notes At chapter start, on the top floor on the right.
Conversation 15 Conversations Interact with the sword in the forge. Sam will wave around an old sword, and afterwards the conversation prompt will appear over his head.
Conversation 16 Conversations In the bar upstairs, sit in the chair to speak with Sam.
Journal Entry 17 Journal Entries Investigate the horse bones on the floor of the stables.
Conversation 17 Conversations Obtain Journal Entry 17 to trigger the conversation.
Journal Entry 18 Journal Entries Inspect the grave stone right of the stable.
Mughal Vase Treasures #72 Shop behind the grave stone.
Journal Entry 19 Journal Entries Inspect the back of the pirate statue by the jail.
Journal Entry 20 Journal Entries Sam will put his head into the torture device after examining the pirate statue. Speak to him to add the entry.
Conversation 18 Conversations Sam will put his head into the torture device after examining the pirate statue. Speak to him to earn the conversation.
Ancient Stone Pot Treasures #73 In one of the jail cells.
Painted Copper Bottle Treasures #74 In the cave after climbing the ladder. Go to the end of the tunnel to the right.
Journal Note 10 Journal Notes Drop down into the building during the main chapter progression. Note is on the table.
Mughal Jade Bottle Treasures #75 Leave the building where you found the note and climb the wall on the left to find the treasure on a ledge.
Slipjoint Claspknife Treasures #76 Climb the old tower and use a rope to the other side. Before progressing, drop down the hole on the right and use the rope. You will swing into an opening by the back of the building where the treasure is.
Large Bronze Boar Treasures #77 After climbing through broken window and using the rope to swing across there will be a room after the swing. Treasure is inside the room.
Stout Vase Treasures #78 Inside the villa after the mud slide. Head up the stairs to the right to find the treasure on a table.
Conversation 19 Conversations In the villa's courtyard, after allowing Sam to inspect the barricades he will want to discuss them.
Mughal Serving Vase Treasures #79 In the villa's courtyard, to the right.

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