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Join Me in Paradise is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 14 in the campaign.


Join Me in Paradise Video Walkthrough

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Join Me in Paradise Text alkthrough

The ghost town here can be walked straight through but there are a lot of collectibles to found here. At the start climb through a window on the wall on the right and drop down the other side to find a treasure. Drop onto the floor section and head towards Sam for a conversation. Go back to the street and head to the first building on the right which is the blacksmith shop. Head into the shop and examine the the table to pick up the cutlass. Talk to Sam then for another conversation. Use the table to jump to the other floor. Go into the bedroom and examine the letter for a journal note. Exit the blacksmith and go across the street and to the left to find the bar.

Explore the main floor and head outside and climb through the side entrance to the second floor. Examine the chair for a conversation. Exit the pub and go next door to the stable. Examine the horse bones for a journal entry. Speak to Sam when prompted for another conversation.

Climb the stairs outside the stable and up to the chapel to find a locked door. Head back down and examine the crack in the wall underneath the broken sign. Examine the stone for a journal entry.

Continue through the town, going around the next building and going inside. In the back room on the main floor will be a treasure on a barrel near the door. If you go upstairs you will get some hints about what happened here.

Exit the building into the square and examine the markings on the back of the Avery statue for a journal entry. When Sam starts with the stockades, approach him to trigger a conversation and earn a journal entry. If you wait too long to do this, Sam will move on causing you to miss this. In the jail behind the stocks you can find a treasure in the cell to the far left by crouching into the hole.

Exit here and head into the storehouse across from the jail. Head into the back room and climb the shelf and crawl under the fallen ceiling to enter a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a room with bunks. Examine the map on the wall. Climb the ladder here. At the top go down the dead on the right to find a treasure. The other shaft leads to the chapel floor. Head to the well shaft in the back corner and grapple to the beam. Rappel down it to the end of the rope to see patrolling enemies. Swing to the next platform and dash to drop into the tall grass. You can opt to get into a traditional fire fight or make use of the environment for stealth takeouts. You will find several powder kegs here which you can use to make a kill to earn the weapon trophy. Press on through the area, taking out guards as you do, paying attention to the snipers here.

Once you've reached the sniper perch area, grapple to the building where the other enemy snipers were posted. Exit through the window and cross the mossy plank bridge. Go through the door and into the back hall. Head right and drop down the hole in the floor to the lower level. There is a journal note on a table nearby. If you step outside you can find a treasure on the small roof here that you can climb the wall to get to. You can jump across the gap to the next building.

Go through the building to the far opening and jump to go across the poles. Go around the corner using the beams and climb to the top of the wall. Hop down to find cover behind a crate. You can take out 2 guards on the far building if you have a sniper. Otherwise you can approach using stealth in the plants and grapple up and dangle along the building's side. Grab the edge and pull the guard over. You can pull up and take out the other guard with a jump attack when he patrols out of the door below. Climb up to the second floor and head to the outer corner and grapple up and swing to the flowered balcony in the next building.

Climb up and shift left to hang beneath the window on the far left. You can pull the guard who comes up when the other guard nearby is not watching. If you wish you can avoid the other enemies by sliding back to the right and onto the flowered balcony and then stealthily going through the tall grass to find a grapple point above. Swing around the curve and to the holds. Climb to the top and hang and pull up to the tall grass. You can stealth kill the guards who walk into the grass. If you look up the hill, you can make towards the guard on the platform when he isn't looking. Hang on the rock wall and slide to the right to the beams on the wall and around the corner to the right to the tall grass. Pull up into the grass to avoid the guard and take him out when he comes back. Go to the broken ladder and boost Sam up. Head right along the ledge and jump to the hold to get to the next platform. Go through the door and drop into the room. Open the marked door which falls.

Go the end of the narrow ledge and jump to the beam above. Go around the corner and enter the door of the tower. Head left and climb to the top. Pull over and hang then slide around the corner. Jump up 2 beams, then reach right to get to a beam. Climb to the other beam and slide right some, then continue up to the top. Walk to the end of the ramp and grapple to swing across to the ledge on the white building. Go up the stairs and jump off the wall. Head right to the drop down. Here you can leap off the ledge and grapple as you fall to a post on the wall to the right. Swing around into a room to find a hidden treasure on a crate. Use the same point to swing back to the ledge. Head into the window to enter the building.

Go into the next room and grapple across the floor to the other side. You can head into a room on the left to find a treasure on a desk. Double back and grapple cross the front of the building to land on a busted patio. Jump up to climb over the broken wall and drop onto a mudslide. Step forward and climb the stairs on the right where there will be a treasure on the balcony across the small gap on a table. Exit via the opening on the left.

Take the walkway to the collapsed wall and crouch below the rubble. At the end, head left to a courtyard. Approach Sam as he checks out a corpse to trigger a conversation. On the courtyard's right there is a treasure on a turned chair behind a column. Head through the arch entrance at the opposite end of the yard.

Go down the passage to the lever left of the door. Pull it to crack it open and work with Sam to push it open to trigger a cutscene and the end of the chapter.



Join Me in Paradise Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Carved Horn Bird Sculpture Treasures #71 At chapter start, turn right and climb through the window above to find a wheelbarrow with the treasure.
Conversation 14 Conversations At chapter start, drop down from obtaining the first treasure to get to where Sam is standing.
Journal Note 9 Journal Notes At chapter start, on the top floor on the right.
Conversation 15 Conversations Interact with the sword in the forge. Sam will wave around an old sword, and afterwards the conversation prompt will appear over his head.
Conversation 16 Conversations In the bar upstairs, sit in the chair to speak with Sam.
Journal Entry 17 Journal Entries Investigate the horse bones on the floor of the stables.
Conversation 17 Conversations Obtain Journal Entry 17 to trigger the conversation.
Journal Entry 18 Journal Entries Inspect the grave stone right of the stable.
Mughal Vase Treasures #72 Shop behind the grave stone.
Journal Entry 19 Journal Entries Inspect the back of the pirate statue by the jail.
Journal Entry 20 Journal Entries Sam will put his head into the torture device after examining the pirate statue. Speak to him to add the entry.
Conversation 18 Conversations Sam will put his head into the torture device after examining the pirate statue. Speak to him to earn the conversation.
Ancient Stone Pot Treasures #73 In one of the jail cells.
Painted Copper Bottle Treasures #74 In the cave after climbing the ladder. Go to the end of the tunnel to the right.
Journal Note 10 Journal Notes Drop down into the building during the main chapter progression. Note is on the table.
Mughal Jade Bottle Treasures #75 Leave the building where you found the note and climb the wall on the left to find the treasure on a ledge.
Slipjoint Claspknife Treasures #76 Climb the old tower and use a rope to the other side. Before progressing, drop down the hole on the right and use the rope. You will swing into an opening by the back of the building where the treasure is.
Large Bronze Boar Treasures #77 After climbing through broken window and using the rope to swing across there will be a room after the swing. Treasure is inside the room.
Stout Vase Treasures #78 Inside the villa after the mud slide. Head up the stairs to the right to find the treasure on a table.
Conversation 19 Conversations In the villa's courtyard, after allowing Sam to inspect the barricades he will want to discuss them.
Mughal Serving Vase Treasures #79 In the villa's courtyard, to the right.



Join Me in Paradise Weapons

Header Location
Powder Keg Scattered through the chapter. Must kill an enemy with it to count towards trophy.

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