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Infernal Place is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 2 in the campaign. 

Infernal Place Video Walkthrough

Infernal Place Walkthrough Crushing Difficulty/All Collectibles

Infernal Place Text Walkthrough


This chapter begins with a young adult Nathan in a prison, which serves as the backdrop for the fighting tutorial. Go through the fighting sequences using the various mechanics for punching and escaping struggles. The fight ends in a scene where you are tossed into solitary and then forced to walk.

Follow Vargas down the hall to the stairs and outside to the workout yard. If you veer off course, guards will push you back on the path. Continue following Vargas through the prison until you come to an open area where a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene use the touchpad to view the note. From here, head down the stairs and and take the gravel slide down, jumping to climb up the wall. Go the next wal and climb up to the courtyard. In the dried well here is the first treasure. Head into the structure and pick up the grapple rope off the table. Push the cart to the rock wall and climb on it to reach the ledge. Use the grapple to get to the beam and swing across.

Head up the steps and grapple to the other beam and swing to the wall. Hang over the other side of the wall and head right and take the handholds up. Head to just before the gravel slide and as you begin to slide down, look up at the beam and use the rope hook when prompted. Swing towards the wooden beams in the tower. Head right and climb up to the tower's roof. Leap across to a ledge on the big tower. Follow the handholds to reach the open window. Climb inside to examine the table and discover the treasure near the rubble. Look at the high window until the L1 prompt appears and toss your hook to grab and pull the planks out of the window.

Climb the stairs back up to the window you entered from. Continue on this floor until you face the window you just opened. Use the hook on the beam and swing to the window. Climb out and hang from the window. Head to the right around the corner and begin climbing the tower up to the high open window. Enter the window to the prison cell.

Examine the symbols on the wall in the corner. The game will prompt you to examine the note. Flip the note to see the symbol, and flip it back. You will be prompted to fold it. The drawings will now match up. Find the symbols on the wall where they are assigned values. They both add up to 12. Find the XII stone and press triangle to find the item inside.

Push the cell door open and drop to the floor. Use your hook on a beam on the ceiling and rappel down the rope. At the bottom, swing and jump to the metal grate. Climb it and and walk across the beams. At the stop, jump to the beam and hang down. Drop to the rockslide and jump to the beam beneath the window. Climb up to the window and open it to exit.

Once outside, take the beat up bridge to see Vargas waiting for you. Jump from the edge of the bridge to the beam. Pull up and cross to the slide. Keep an eye on the beam above sticking out from the cliff. Take the slide down and focus on the beam until you can grapple it. Swing to the cliff and climb up.

Head to the tower and climb it up. Make a running jump to the next building. Climb up and drop in the opening on the roof to meet back up with Vargas. This triggers cutscenes as the story plot progresses.

After the cutscenes, fight the inmates until Vargas stops it. Make your escape after the talks go south by following Sam and Rafe. At the dead end, team up with Sam to push out the windows. If you take too long you will be shot by guards.

Step out to the roof and run, following Sam. Leap to the scaffolding and drop down to the courtyard. Missing the scaffolding is a fatal fall. Continue following Sam until you reach a locked door. Follow him again and climb the wall. Approach the high ladder where the game will prompt you to work with Sam to get up the ladder. At the top, head right and at the end turn left. Nathan will be short on a jump and slide to the ground. Defeat the guards and move the cart to find a vent.

Enter the vent and take it to the end. Exit it and take the hall ahea. Drop into the courtyard and head towards the ladder where Rafe will send it down for you. Follow Rafe across the gap to a ledge and climb up to a platform.

Leap to the platform and across several roofs, following Rafe to a platform. A cutscene will trigger. After, follow Rafe into the jungle to a rockslide and beyond the water. 





Infernal Place Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Panamanian Cat Pendant Treasures #1 After being escorted outside by the guard, it's in a hole in the ground across the way. Going the only way you can go in the level (down to the right) will take you there.
Navaja Folding Knife Treasures #2 Inside the old tower. Upon entering, behind a pillar in the room where rubble is. It's in the rubble pile.



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