Hidden in Plain Sight

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Hidden in Plain Sight is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 11 of the campaign.


Hidden in Plain Sight Video Walkthrough

Walkthrough here.



Hidden in Plain Sight Text Walkthrough

This chapter takes place in the city's market as Nathan and company make their way to the tower. Head down into the market. You can do several optional things here. You can find a treasure in an alley near the passport place near the chapter start. You can bargain with the merchant 3 times to buy a treasure. You can check out a lemur to trigger a conversation. If you check the lemur after buying an apple, the lemur will steal the apple earning you the trophy Don't Feed the Animals.

Once you reach the tower, you will find it locked. Head to the railing on the right. Go through the hole in the fence and jump across the pillars and climb through the window. Check out the podium in the center to trigger a cutscene.

Go under the broken spiral stairs and grapple up. Climb up and follow the stairs up. Jump to the platform and go to the far right weight to pull it down. When it stops, climb right and up to the opposite side. Hop to the next platform. The weights will rebalance.

Climb the lower wall. You will have to jump from weight to weight as they go past. Jump to the further right weight and climp up, then leap left to the second as it rises past you. Climb fast to the top and then leap right to the first weight. Keep going back and forth until you can jump from the furthest left weight to the landing on the left. It will start to collapse. Quickly go up and jump to the platform to the right. Climb up the gears and head right across the gears to climp up to the Leo bell platform. Climb up the 3 gears until you get to the Scorpio bell. Climb up and turn the crank to ring it and trigger a cutscene.

Go right and to the edge. You can climb or jump down to the platform and ring the Aquarius bell. Turn around and step to the edge and jump to the gear below and climb right and go through the the turning wheel to the second gear. Climb the gear to reach the Leo bell and ring it. Climb the gears up and left to get back to the Scorpio bell. From here, climb left and up across the turning gears. Climb to the top of the gear and jump to the swinging pendulum. Go to the far side of the pendulum. When Nathan reaches his hand, jump to the beam sticking out of the Taurus bell platform. Pull up and ring the Taurus bell.

Jump to the lowered stairs and take them up. Grapple to swing to a platform with a lever. Climb up and slide left and hang on the lever to pull it down. The spinning gear will stop. When you let go you have a short amount of time to climb the stopped gear and jump to the platform. Otherwise the gear will resume spinning.

Jump onto the right of the big gear to pull it down which will turn the hands of the clock clockwise. Pull the gear wheel until the minute hand is at 2. Climb out the window and go up to reach the hour hand. Use the minute hand to go right across the clock but do it quickly as the hand will start moving when you grab it. Continue to the corner, and then graplle to the flag pole and swing around the corner. Climb up to the ledge and up to the balcony. Before ringing the big bell you can climb up further to walk across the beams to find a treasure. If you keep going up to the very tip top, you can earn the I Can See My House From Here trophy.

Ring the main bell and the crank will break off. Jump and grab the ringer and swing it to ring it on your own. Follow the prompt to grab the pendulum. You'll fall onto a gear. Climb up the teeth as it turns or you'll die. You'll hang here. Wait for the prompt to press L1 to grapple and land safely.

There is a treasure in the rubble near here. Head down the stairs and work with Sully to move the debris that blocks the passage. Continue down and push the door open. Examine the puzzle.

Turn the 2 tiles so that the star patterns a aligned in the center. You can do this by turning the skull and crossbones once with L1 and the arm and sword once with R1. 3 more itles will slide into the puzzle and a door will open.

To figure out the correct alignment of the 3 new sigils enter the room. Each painting has a square with stars along edges. Approach each painting and hold L2 to bring up a square. Move the square outline over the painting square and press triangle to sketch the pattern. Once you've done all 3 a cutscene will trigger. Turn the squares in the journal to match the patterns. Go back to the puzzle and turn the tiles to match this arrangement. A new room will open and 3 more tiles will appear. Take the photo of the tiles.

Enter the new room and log the star patterns on these 3 paintings. Return to the puzzle and use the journal to finger out how to turn the tiles to match the star patterns. Rotate the tiles on the wheel to match. This opens a final room and brings up 4 new tiles. Take another photo.

Enter the room with 4 paintings. Examine the squares on each and log them. The far left is not known. Take the sketch and open your journal and try to place the star pattern square over the monkey tile, then place that star pattern square over the sea serpent symbol. Once all 4 are logged, return to the puzzle. Open the journal and match up the patterns. Rotate the tiles to match the arrangement. Take photos of the three maps and a cutscene will trigger.

Exit the opne doors and down the stairs and to the front entrance. Remove the bar and leave to follow Sully through the market. As soon as the cutscene ends, if you stand still for 30 seconds you will earn the Stage Fright trophy. At the bottom of the stairs, enemies will arrive. The truck can't be taken out so stay to the left and push forward to the meat market.

To the right is your escape path. Take cover at a stone pillar. Take out the enemies who come out the building door and go into the building take cover behind the desk. Go up to the second floor. Get past the enemies and run and jump across the roofs until you reach your truck. Drive down the road. Drive to Sam's location while dodging the truck. Don't stop driving at any point or the mission will fail. Take an alley shortcut and go throught the arch. When the truck shows up ahead, go left down the alley. Keep driving while evading the truck. Go fast, driving through all obstacles. The truck will eventually stop and wait. Drive past it to the left into the dead end. Go through to burst into a fair and keep on to find the truck again. You can either try passing it to the stairs on the left or exit the square to the right. Make a right at the bus and go back down the alley and through the construction into the square. Go around the monument and to the staircase on the side.

Go down the hill and left onto the street at the bottom. Take the curves to the construction and head right to go over the dirt mounds. Keep going down the road on the other side until the truck shows back up and blocks the road. Go right and through the fence to escape. Go straight as you go down until back down. Head to the tower to trigger a cutscene.

Go under the bridge and at the second bridge. You can either follow the convoy or go left along the muddy path. Before it goes underneath the pass, go left past the house and take the winding path up. On the right you can see a tunnel. Go over the hill and to find Sam. Steer the truck alongside and after crossing a stream you will come to a wooden ramp. As you drive onto the ramp, look up to grapple the crane before you run off.

The moment you grapple the crane, swing hard left or right to miss a stack of wood. Crash through the scaffold. Quickly press L1 to climb the rope high enough to go over the boat passing beneath the bridge. Swing right to avoid another wood stack. After being dragged through the mud, pull up the rope and jump into the back of the truck.

Jump through the enemy vehicles to reach Sam at the front. The sequence will loop until you complete all the leaps. Youl will have to take out enemies as you progress, grapple to the second truck and leaping across to the other vehicles. Stay alive while sticking close to Sam. Your main objective is staying close to him. Once the road narrows a cutscene will trigger.

Get out of the pinned situation in the truck by pushing the seat off and pulling yourself to the passenger door. Take out the 2 enemies and Sam will grab you. While Sam rides, shoot the truck inflicting damage before it destroys you. The final chapter cutscene will play.





Hidden in Plain Sight Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Earthenware Mug Treasures #48 From chapter start, head down the stairs and to the left of the area. Down the dark alley is the treasure.
Antique Compass Treasures #49 From chapter start, along the right is a vendor. Inspect a compass he offers and inspect again to purchase it.
Conversation 11 Conversations Pet the lemur at the end of the market. When it climbs on your shoulder, walk towards Sully to trigger the conversation.
Nephrite and Jade Bowl Treasures #50 Drop into the church from the broken window. Is in the main room with the sigil on the floor, at the feet of a statue where there is grass and flowers.
Ivory Handle Dagger Treasures #51 On top of the bell tower, climb before interacting with the bell. Treasure is above the bell on one of the balconies.
Brass Globe Hand Warmer Treasures #52 After the bell falls, treasure is in the rubble.



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