Hidden in Plain Sight Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Earthenware Mug Treasures #48 From chapter start, head down the stairs and to the left of the area. Down the dark alley is the treasure.
Antique Compass Treasures #49 From chapter start, along the right is a vendor. Inspect a compass he offers and inspect again to purchase it.
Conversation 11 Conversations Pet the lemur at the end of the market. When it climbs on your shoulder, walk towards Sully to trigger the conversation.
Nephrite and Jade Bowl Treasures #50 Drop into the church from the broken window. Is in the main room with the sigil on the floor, at the feet of a statue where there is grass and flowers.
Ivory Handle Dagger Treasures #51 On top of the bell tower, climb before interacting with the bell. Treasure is above the bell on one of the balconies.
Brass Globe Hand Warmer Treasures #52 After the bell falls, treasure is in the rubble.


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