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At Sea is a Story Chapter in Uncharted 4. It is Chapter 12 of the campaign.


At Sea Video Walkthrough

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At Sea Text Walkthrough

This area is a dotted by islands with many treasures. Find the small beach on the far island. Examiine the cross marker on the wall for a journal entry. Head right and follow the wall to the cave to find a journal note on a crate.

Take the boat to the left of the islands to find the sunken ship. Dive and swim through the hole in the ship's deck to find the treasure. Surface and swim to the beach and look at the mast for a journal entry. On the left side of the larger island in the jungle area, a treasure can be found amongst crates. If you go to the left beyond the ship to find dolphins, go alongside them to get 3 following you at the same time to earn the On Porpoise trophy.

From the chapter start head to the right of the sandbar and go through the rocks between the 2 islands. Go right towards the small island with the tower. Cross the island to the opposite side to find 1 journal entry and 2 treasures. The journal entry is on a skeleton tied to a beam. To its right is a treasure on the ground inside a small alcove. There is a small cave at the end of the beach where the 2nd treasure can be found in the grass near the right wall .

Go back and find a stone set of stairs on the right. Take the stairs up to find a spot to examine. Continue up the stairs across a bridge to an arch. Go through the arch to the tower entrance. Go in and climb the ladder to brab a beam. Climb up and jump to the next ladder. Climb up and then to the open window. Hang and head left. Grapple and climb the rope and then swing to the platform. Enter and examine the symbol on the wall. Step to the balcony and rappel to the ground from the grappel spot. Head back down to the beach by retracing your steps or by taking the mudslide down. Get back in the boat and follow the stone arrows until you get to a large water cave. Along the way you can find a 2 treasures. One is on a beach on the far end of the island with the tower between the 2 main beaches. Follow the curving sand path on the right to find it. The second can be found the 2 rock arches along the arrow path. Jump to the ledge from the boat. Climb up to find the treasure.

The last yellow arrow points to the stairs. To reach them, move the boat to teh center pillar and leap to it. Climb up and grapple swing to the far wall and climb left to drop onto the platform. Step out of the cavern to see the doors. Take the stairs down and go right to go through the tunnel. There will be a treasure on the floor through this tunnel. Jump across to get to Sam at the entrance. Go left and up the wall to climb to the cave.

From the terrace, jump across the gaps to ledges on the rock. Climb right around the corner and to the next level. Walk across the arch top and take the path under the bridge to the rope ladder on the left. Boost Sam up the ladder. Climb the broken portion up and jump across. There is a treasure just after this jump through the arch opening. Treasure will be on the floor.

Climb the beam to the platform. Jump to swing across the posts. On the final beam, slide to the left and drop to the platform. Jump to Sam. Follow him for a conversation. Go back to the tree with the grapple point. Grapple and drop off the edge and swing to the pillar. Climb up and around and grapple across to the other platform. Go through the narrow slit and climb up and jump to the small platform.

Grapple over the branch on the far end and swing and wall run across the cliff face to the right. Jump to the wall and climb to the next ledge and then climb up to the top. Take the stairs to the crumbled tower. There is a trasher at the tower bottom. Clibm to the second floor and out the near window. Climb right and up. Go to the end of the beam and grapple to the ledge over a mudslide. Before going down it, go across the rock formation to find a treasure on the next ledge. Then take the mudslide down and head through a narrow passage on the left, and up the rock wall and a jump with a grapple to a branch for another treasure.

Climb to the rock right of the pillar and down some ledges to the bottom. Look at the large statue with a spear for a journal entry. Make a jump toward the spear and grapple it. Swing left and grapple to the other spear below. You can climb the rope until level with the statue's feet and swing to spot on the left side to find a treasure. Use the rope to lower down to the bottom and drop to the ground.

In the courtyard explore 2 small entrances. The far left door leads to a room with items on a table. There are broken walls leading to 2 water pools. The closer pool leads to another room. The pool in the back has a ramp on the right, swim to the ramp and exit to a platform. Find the treasure on the ground. Back in the courtyard, the door on the right leads to a room. Examine the points in this room. Look at the diorama to obtain a journal entry. Explore all 6 items to trigger a conversation with Sam. Exit the room back to the courtyard.

Enter the bigger doo and examine the pressure plate in front of the wooden door on the left. Work with Sam to lift it. Enter the room and approach the wheel in the center. You must now solve the puzzle here.

Move the left mechanism over any gear on the track. Rotate the gear until the device shows half black on the left and half white on the right. Move the right device over any gear. Rotate the gear until the symbol facing out matches the W symbol projected by the spotlight onto the right disk. Move the globe devices utnil they roll onto the 2 lit disks. The first set of pirates are revealed.

For the middle track, move the left device over any gear. Rotate the gear until the 3 slashes match the angle of the pattern projected by the spotlight on the left disk. Move the right device over any gear that leaves the left globe not over a gear. Rotate the gear until the device's symbol matches the single slash projected by the spotlight onto the right disk. Move the globe devices into the spotlights. This will reveal the second set of captains.

For the top track, move the devices into the spotlights. Move them right until the female symbol deice is over the next gear, leaving the male symbol device not over a gear. Rotate the gears twice. Move the symbol devices right until the male symbol device is over the next gear to its right, leaving the female symbol not over a gear. Rotate the gears 4 times. Move the devices back into the spotlights and revealing the 3rd set of pirates.

Exit the room by taking the revealed staircase. Pull the lever on the circular platform to ride up. At the top you will trigger a cutscene. Turn left and climb up the wall. Jump across and climb right to the rope and ride it down to the cave. Go through the tunnel and hop down to the water and swim to the boat.

Take the boat back to the beach and climb to the statue's base to make a journal entry. Take the stairs up to the platform. Approach the statue and boost Nathan up. Climb up the statue and examine the telescope to see the next destination and trigger a cutscene which will play out the events from the Prologue.





At Sea Collectibles Locations


Collectible Type Location
Journal Entry 9 Journal Entries From chapter start, go straight to the island in front. Inspect the wooden cross in the sand for the entry.
Journal Note 5 Journal Notes From chapter start, go straight to the island in front. In a small cave near the wooden cross in the sand.
Combination Lock Tobacco Box Treasures #53 Take the boat along the left of the island. Disembark at the spot with heavy foliage. Search for the broken crates to find the treasure.
Journal Note 6 Journal Notes From chapter start, on the left is a small island with a destroyed pirate ship in the water. Treasure is near a crate on the island.
Journal Entry 10 Journal Entries From chapter start, on the left is a small island with a destroyed pirate ship in the water. Stand on the island and view the ship's mast protruding from the water. Press triangle when prompted for the entry.
Brass Pocket Sundial Treasures #54 Dive into the destroyed pirate ship to find the treasure underwater.
Journal Entry 11 Journal Entries On the island with the tower main objective is a skeleton on a spike on the beach.
Silver and Wood Tankard Treasures #55 On the island with the tower, turn right from the skeleton on the spike. Treasure is in small cave under a rock.
Persian Silver Pen Box Treasures #56 On the island where the tower is in a cave at the end of the beach.
Panamanian Pendant Treasures #57 Take boat to the back of the island with the tower. Go back on shore to find the treasure.
Persian Leather Notebook Case Treasures #58 Take the boat to the island with 2 rock arches. Stop the boat between the arches by the cliff. Climb to the top of the boat and jump to the cliff. Climb up the cliff to find the treasure at the top.
Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl Treasures #59 Follow the arrows to a cave. Climb the wall and use the rope to get to the next area. To the right of the temple ahead is a cave with the treasure.
Mughal Elephant Carving Treasures #60 After the bridge breaks, climb up and jump across. Treasure is inside the cave.
Conversation 12 Conversations After getting to the other side of the bridge, go up the cliff by the rope. Wait for Sam to trigger the conversation.
Ottoman Helmet Treasures #61 In the main objective tower.
Deccani Bronze Vase Treasures #62 From the tower, use the rope to get across, landing on the rock and not the mud. Hang onto the wall and climb around, and climb up to find the treasure in the bushes. Will not see it sparkling because of being covered.
Strange Relic Treasures #63 Slide down the mud and go left to climb up the wall. Spot the stone bowl further away on the hill. Make a long jump and use the rope mid air to swing to the bowl. 
Journal Entry 12 Journal Entries By the mud slide there are several pirate statues. Climb down the side of the mud and view the statue with the rope apparatus sticking out. Press triangle when prompted to earn the entry.
Hamsa Mythical Goose Treasures #64 By the mud slide there are several pirate statues. Attach rope to left statue. Swing onto the statue to find the treasure. Don't repel down before picking it up.
Journal Entry 13 Journal Entries Rappel down and head into the side room with books and papers. Inspect the table with miniatures to earn the entry.
Conversation 13 Conversations Inspect every object in the side room. Then enter the next room and inspect the table. This will trigger the conversation if Sam is near. If Sam is too far, restart the checkpoint and redo.
Pique Tortoise Shell Box Treasures #65 Swim around the room with the journal entry. Treasure is near the tree.
Journal Entry 14 Journal Entries At the end of the chapter, you return to the island with the tower. Inspect the statue of the pirate. This is a main story objective.


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